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How to navigate the boutique coaching Industry

The Problem:

So many times I hear from my boutique besties that they are frustrated with the boutique coaching space because they feel like the information is just thrown at them randomly. & they can’t quite figure out how to piece the information together in a way that translates into actionable steps.

& I want you to know that this could be intentional or unintentional from the coach.

Let’s break down intentional

  1. They are doing this on purpose because they want to draw you into a paid offer. Rather it’s a coaching program or a workbook. They purposely either jumble up their content or leave huge gaps in information to draw you elsewhere. Also-it’s impossible to put a crap ton of information on social media sites.


  1. They don’t know anything else. Now you can argue that this is a little intentional… but hopefully the coach is doing some continuing education to learn more. People can’t teach what they don’t know. & in this soft life movement, a lot of new entrepreneurs are paying ppl to do everything, which is fine, but teach ppl how to build a business by paying ppl.

  2. Maybe the coach is a service provider (me raise hands) and manages a lot of sites. Most times, service providers are burnt out and haven’t quite made time to manage their own social media profiles. So you are getting sporadic jumbled up content, because they are merely trying to stay consistent until they can make time to be more strategic in their own biz. This is definitely a sign of a newer to mid-range experienced service provider.

The Fix:

So don’t rely on a coaches social media to give you all of the answers. even though you may Start there. Take notes. Do research to fill in the blank. And/or invest in their paid products that will hopefully put the pieces together for you.

Ask questions! Although I don’t advocate trying to get 1:1 coaching for free, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with asking a couple of very specific, appropriate questions for your issue or concern in a live, in the comments of a post or even in the DMs

Just manage your expectations.

The Resources:

Looking for free ways:

  • YT has longer form content.

  • Sign up for their email list if they have one.

  • Free webinars

My fav free websites:

Put in the comments if you’d like me to show you the vast knowledge all of these sites have to aid you in your boutique journey.

Paid information:

Feel free to DM me on Instagram @planthrivesucceed or send an email to & I'd be happy to recommend a few different possible memberships!

Why don’t I recommend publicly: because their information has tooo many holes 🕳️ in it AND there's a couple of pointers I recommend even with the few decent memberships out there. Between spammy coaches and 'nice-nasty' divas, it can be hard to know who you can actually get good information from!

Lastly- understand that coaches niche down just like we should in their coaching. Ethically, most don’t teach what they don’t know. With that being said, you’ll see and hear things like “how to scale your business organically with No paid ads”. Just know, that paid advertising is necessary to scale your business. They are using that headline to clickbait you into what they are qualified to teach you buy giving paid advertising a negative connotation. Which is due to the fact that most of us are terrified of paid advertising and know very little. & honestly, so are they lol.

& I just want to make sure I drive home the fact that no matter who you choose to learn from,  know that you & only you are responsible for your business’ success or failure. & no matter who’s teaching you, YOU have to put in that work!

With that being said, thanks so much for visiting the blog today!

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